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Nicole & David - Written in the Stars

Engagement photos taken at - Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

If you know me at all, you know I'm a sucker for a good love story. For real I watch so many sappy Hallmark movies I should be embarrassed, but for the record, I'm totally not! I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm a love story connoisseur of sorts, so I know a good one when I see it. Well friends, I've got a real life love story coming at ya and it won't disappoint! Meet another one of my "Wunderful Couples", Nicole and David!

What makes this couple's love story so unique? Well for starters, both of their parents share the same anniversary and astonishingly enough, Nicole and David were able to select that wedding date as well!! Gosh, if that isn't serendipity at it's finest, then I don't know what is! You may be wondering what the whole "written in the Stars" title is all about, but be patient, I'm totally getting to that. However, let's start from the beginning because honestly, it's too sweet to skip over.

David charmingly recalls meeting Nicole for the first time at a barn dance their freshman year at Northwestern, but says that they spent several years just as friends. However, it wasn't until late one evening when in a twist of fate they had to catch the red line back to campus together. That my friends is when all the "stars aligned' in favor of love! Nicole amusingly admits that during that train ride they got so caught up in their conversation they actually ended up transferring to the wrong train and then missed the final one back to campus! Come on, how adorable is that? Okay, let's get to the "Stars" part so I don't have to keep you in the dark any longer and then all my super cheesy puns will make sense : ) David has been a lifelong lover of astronomy and is in the final stages of earning his PhD in it! So there you have it folks, a real life astronomer who stopped gazing at the stars just long enough to discover that his whole universe actually existed here on earth, Nicole. Sniff, sniff... I know, right? Okay as if all of that isn't sweet enough, here is where the story gets even sweeter. David's proposal to Nicole is certainly one for the books, so prepare yourselves. It involves sending Nicole solo for a day on a variety of adventures which included; a hike, a trip to a chocolate factory, a visit to a cactus museum, flying in his sister, tickets to Cirque de Soleil and a dinner with friends. Throughout all of that, David wasn't present, in fact Nicole's only communication with him was through notes he left regarding the importance of each event. Now here's where it gets really good! The evening ended with David waiting on a rooftop holding a telescope and ring surrounded by family and friends. SWOON!!! Nicole lovingly recalls that true to his nature David included facts and numbers about the moon as a metaphor about how important their love is. For real, I told ya this love story was "out of this world", sorry last pun I promise!!

Nicole and David currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada while they each finish their academic pursuits. David will earn his PhD in Astronomy and Nicole is in her final semester for her Master's degree in special education. Currently Nicole teaches math to 6-8th graders with learning disabilities. How awesome is that?! Although they have loved their time in Nevada, especially their circle of friends and the beautiful scenery, they are open to traveling wherever their careers take them. However, lucky for me this couple is coming back to Wisconsin to say their "I Dos " this summer, yay!!!

I asked Nicole what their favorite part of the wedding planning process has been thus far and she revels that creating a registry has been exciting because they were able to thoughtfully consider the tangible things they'll use in their life together. Nicole and David suggest that couples sit down from the very beginning to talk about what they really want for their day so they can stay true to their vision. They also encourage others to remember the real purpose of the day and to keep in mind that even the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, so don't get stressed when thing aren't exactly right. Wonderful advise you guys, you really are an "out of this world" couple! Sorry, I know I promised no more cheesy puns, but I simply couldn't help myself!

"So, I love you because the whole universe

conspired to help me find you." - Paulo Coelho

Wedding reception to be held at The Roma Lodge, 7130 Spring St, Racine, WI I this June. Be sure to check back in to see a glimpse into their special day!

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