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Laura and Matt - Lake Geneva Engagement Session

Oh my goodness, I just can't express in words how adorable this couple is, but hopefully these photos will convey even a small percentage of how sweet and personable they are. To meet them in person is to instantly fall in love with them, I know I sure did!

This couple met while attending college at Purdue University and have been together over four and a half years. Laura lovingly recalls how it all began when she decided to ask the "cute guy in her business class" to her senior sorority dance, an invitation he eagerly accepted! After that, Matt became a frequent patron of the coffee shop she worked at, to which Laura humorously admits that she may have used free coffee to lure him in. Okay, for the record that would have totally had me hook line and sinker too! They had a long distance relationship for about two years while Laura finished her Master's degree and Matt worked in New Orleans. After graduation, Laura accepted a job in New Orleans, but ironically enough it happened around the same time Matt was offered a job in Chicago. So once again, they found themselves living in different states, but that didn't put a damper on their love, because they knew how to make it work. They thank their lucky stars for cheap flights and that they each lived in locations that offered a variety of activities for them to enjoy together. However, I'm happy to report that they both live and work in Chicago now and are overjoyed to be sharing their lives together in the same place.

Some other interesting tidbits about this couple include that Matt proposed to Laura with the ring his late father had given his mother. See for yourself, it's absolutely breathtaking! Together, they rescued a Malti-poo who they lovingly named after their wedding venue, Stella! Oh my gosh, let me just say, I've seen pictures and she is as adorable as they come! Laura and Matt planned on getting married September 19th of this year, but after much heartfelt deliberation decided to postpone so their loved ones would feel safe celebrating with them. Their new date is May 15th 2021 and I couldn't be more excited for them if I tried!

I can't get enough of this sweet couple, they are just too cute!

This is the gorgeous ring I was telling you about!

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