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Kaily & Nick - A Snowy Engagement Session

Engagement Photos take at Lake Andrea in Pleasant Prairie, WI

Hey friends, cozy up with a cup of coffee, and get ready to meet another one of my "Wunderful Couples", Kaily & Nick!! Now let me just say this right off the bat, it's slightly disappointing that Nick doesn't have the last name "Incredible" so that these two would hence forth be know as Mr. & Mrs. Incredible, but what's a girl to do? Okay, before you think I'm a complete dork, let me explain! By all accounts these two are real life super heroes! Nick is one of Kenosha's brave Firemen (you know I've got a soft spot for those) and Kaily is a special needs Teacher working with students kindergarten - 2nd grade who are on the autism spectrum. I know right?! Like for real, these two may be able to solve all the world problems now that they've joined forces! Fingers crossed, we're counting on the two of you to make this world a better place ; )

So how did these two awesome kind hearted souls ever meet and fall in love? Well at a bar of course, duh!! You know how you're mother always told you that you'd never meet a nice guy at a bar?? Well here's your proof of otherwise, lol. Kaily recalls that the two of them had a lengthy conversation that first night and had their first date just a few days later. Which pretty much means that Nick must have been really, really into Kaily, since he didn't "play it cool" and ghost her for like a week to keep her guessing. We totally love you for that Nick! Their first date consisted of chowing down on me Mexican food while sipping margaritas, ummm YUM!! It must have been right then that these two knew they were meant to be. I mean if you find someone who loves tacos as much as life itself and so do you, then it's a match made in heaven! In fact these two love tacos so much Kaily brought her special "taco blanket" to her engagement shoot so I could take pictures of them with it. Don't worry, I'm totally including "taco blanket" photos for you to see : )

Nick and Kaily have been together for over three years and got engaged this past July. Now friends, hold on to your hearts, because when I tell you this, you're going to love Nick even more! Nick actually proposed to Kaily in HAWAII, while watching the sunrise and hired a photographer to capture the whole thing!!! Ummmm, sadly I was not the photographer, but I'll let that go for now. However, for future reference, I'm available for any and all Hawaii sessions, just saying!

When I asked Kaily what they're looking forward to most about being married she said "Traveling and all the adventures to come, having a family one day and Taco Tuesdays of course!". She admits that her favorite part of the wedding planning process has been the cake tasting portion (I hear ya on that one girl!) and of course planning their special day together. Kaily's biggest advice to other brides-to-be is to "work ahead as much as possible and once you make a decision, stick with it". I couldn't agree more Kaily!

These two have love of adventure and are headed to Spain for their honeymoon; Madrid, Ibiza and Barcelona to be exact. Let's pack our bags now shall we ; )

And last but not least, the infamous "taco blanket" photo, enjoy!

Wedding reception to be held at The Covenant at Murray Mansion, 2219 Washington Ave, Racine, WI I this May. Be sure to check back in to see a glimpse into their special day!

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