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Erin & Jeff - Milwaukee Engagement Session

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Engagement session location - Milwaukee Riverwalk, Milwaukee, WI

How do you kickoff the weekend off right? Well, you get all starry-eyed about one of my "Wunderful Couples" or course! Okay, I guess that's just how I do it, but if you ask me... it's the only way. Well friends, here they are, meet Erin and Jeff!! If you can't tell from their photos already, their dispositions are easygoing and fun. Trust me, you can't help but smile when you're around them. All in all, they are simply delightful people!

Erin and Jeff met like most modern day couples do nowadays, via a dating app. For real, it's crazy to think that all of us older folks (aka my husband and myself) ever even met simply by chance, but thank God we did! Erin recalls that she clicked on Jeff's profile her very first day on the app and instantly spotted her cousin in one of his photos, which later turned out to be Jeff's best friend! In fact, they also learned that they even went to the same middle school and high school together, but had never met! It's kinda crazy that they had literally been under each others noses the entire time, but it took a dating app to bring them together. Yay for technology!! However, that cousin of hers sure could have introduced these two much sooner, just sayin wink, wink. However, timing is everything, so I'll cut em some slack ; )

Jeff is a huge WI sports fan. He likes them all .... Brewers, Packers, Badger and the Bucks. Erin humorously admits that she and everyone else believes he missed his calling as an announcer or sports blogger. Erin also lovingly tells me that he is "the most loyal, trustworthy, reliable, hilarious person she's ever met and that she's one lucky girl!". Jeff sings Erin's praises as well, saying that "Erin is an animal lover with a big heart and even bigger smile", that she "goes out of her way to make others feel welcomed", has "an amazing sense of humor, but doesn't love being the center of attention". He proudly declares that if the world had more Erins it would be a better place. I concur!

Jeff recalls that he was so eager to propose to Erin that he decided to forgo the big proposal he was planning because he simply couldn't wait any longer. Instead, he proposed privately to Erin at home. Erin tells me how delighted she was the proposal was sweet and simple, just like their life together and was followed by chicken wings and sweatpants lol. Yup, that sounds pretty great to me too Erin!! .

This couple told they have really enjoyed planning their wedding together, but stress less about the big day because all they really desire is a long-lasting happy marriage together. Erin wants to reminds other brides that "as long as you both say "I do" the day of, that's all that really matters.". Amen Erin! However, I have no doubt that your big day as well as your marriage will be amazing! I can't wait!

Come on just admit it, they're absolutely adorable and you know you're smiling bigger now! See, I told ya it would instantly kick your weekend of right : )

Their wedding and reception will be held at University of Wisconsin Parkside - 900 Wood Rd, Kenosha, WI this June. Be sure to check back in to see a glimpse into their special day!

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