Emilee & Cody are getting Married!!!

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Engagement photos taken downtown Lake Geneva, WI

Oh my goodness friends, get ready to smile, because I'm about to introduce you to another "Wunderful Couple", meet Emilee and Cody! One look at this beautiful blue eyed bride and brown eyed groom and you'll be smitten! These two met for the first time while on a group outing to a haunted house with friends. I mean who doesn't meet the love of their life while simultaneously having the crap scared out of them, I mean is there really any other way?!? Now, as much as I'm "dying" to tell you that they simply gazed over at each other for the first time among a sea of severed limbs, blood curdling screams and just knew they were meant to be, sadly that's not how it actually went down. It wasn't until after a few years of close friendship that they decided to officially start dating. Which really is a much smarter way to fall in love I suppose. However, for the sake of a good story, let's go with with zombie love at first sight, okay?

This sweet pair has been together for over four and half years and have a German Shepard named Nova, sadly she's not pictured here. However, I'm in the process of getting a snap from Emilee as I type, so hang tight! They are a self-admitted low-key couple who like to share days off binge watching their favorite Netflix series with a bag of microwave popcorn, Ummm me too, so when can I come over you guys?! Cody got down on one knee and proposed to Emilee after celebrating their third anniversary while taking a stroll down by the lake with their pup.

Emilee says that her favorite part of the wedding planning process has been finding her dress and trying it on for the first time. Which I can't wait to see her in by the way, she is going to knock everyones socks off, especially Cody's!! When I asked her if she had any advice to give to other brides, she said "not to stress over things they can't control and to always remain focus on the reason behind it all. That it's about the the two of you and no one else". Great advice Emilee! I can't wait for your special day!!!

Their wedding will be held at The DeKoven Center, 600 21st Street, Racine, WI I this May. Be sure to check back in to see a glimpse into their special day!

Oh and as promised... meet Nova ; )

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