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Elissa & Matt are Engaged!

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Engagement photos taken at The Mitchell Park Domes - Milwaukee, WI

Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to this super gorgeous couple, meet Elissa and Matt! To say that I hit it off with them would be a massive understatement! During our initial consult, Elissa and I bonded over our love for all things girly and Matt and I both love Taylor Swift. Like for real, it was kismet! I was almost jumping out of my skin with how badly I wanted to be their photographer, but I tried to play it cool (which I'm totally not good at by the way). Well I'm happy to report that they indeed selected me as their wedding photographer, yay!! Cue the party horns and an image of me dancing around like a crazy person with excitement. Okay, maybe you want to erase that last image from your brain, but that's just how excited I was. Oh and get this, their wedding is taking place on 10/10/2020! For real, can we all admit that that is like the coolest wedding date ever?

Fast forward to just after the holidays, when we made plans for their engagement session. Even though we were in the thick of winter here in Wisconsin, we knew we still wanted to get them photos for their save the dates pronto. Originally we selected a beautiful outdoor location, with tall pines and an interesting landscape, but as you know mother nature has her own plans, which usually messes with your plans lol. So as you can probably imagine, the day of, the weather turned out to be blistering cold, very windy and extremely overcast. I remember waking up that morning thinking "Ugh, this couple deserves so much better!", so we quickly came up with an alternate location that turned out to be absolute perfection, The Mitchell Park Domes! Now let me just tell you this, it's not easy having your portrait taken in front of all kinds of strangers, but this couple wasn't phased one bit because they are just so laid back, fun and utterly captivated with each other. One look at their photos and you'll also be a witness to how much they adore each other, enjoy!

Congrats Elissa and Matt, I can't wait for your big day!!

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