An Elegant Venue Option in Racine, WI -The Covenant at Murray Mansion

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

The Covenant at Murray Mansion 

2219 Washington Avenue Racine, Wisconsin

(262) 583-2241

The Covenant at Murray Mansion / Website

Congrats, you're engaged and have officially picked your date... now comes the exciting task of deciding where to host your big day! As you can imagine, your venue choice will have a huge impact on the overall mood conveyed, as well as the experience of your guests. With that being said, picking the venue that's right for you - and that reflects your personal taste - is essential. Well friends, I'm happy to report that I'm here to help! I've been busy trying to familiarize myself with the current venue options for couples, and I'm thrilled to share this one with you! Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to the beautiful Covenant at Murray Mansion! If The Covenant were a woman she would most certainly smile coyly, give you a curtsey and tell you what a pleasure it is to meet your acquaintance... she's quite refined, you know. However, it's also worth mentioning that if you were to simply drive past this venue you may overlook it completely. The exterior just doesn't do justice or give an indication of the hidden gem that it really is, so let’s take a peek! 

Here are some of the details you need to know: The Covenant at Murray Mansion is two separate buildings that are adjoined; one or both can be reserved for your big day. The Murray Mansion portion also has an Airbnb that can be reserved for the bridal party or relatives for overnight stays. This all-in-one venue is such a delight because of the lovely renovation that has taken place, while still retaining it's beautiful historic charm. Wonderful natural light spills into almost every room, and the crisp white walls and vaulted ceilings lend themselves well to almost all color pallets. 

This is one venue you’ll definitely want to consider, and is one that your guests won't soon forget!

The wonderful staff at The Covenant can transition from ceremony to reception quickly and efficiently.

Welcome to the mansion side of The Covenant. Here is a peek at Murray Mansion

The Mansion has a plethora of beautiful rooms for your bridal party to utilize for getting ready and all of them photograph beautifully!

This room was decorated with a more masculine tone, which lends itself well for as a Groom's getting ready space.

Imagine waking up the day of your wedding just steps away from where your ceremony and reception are, sounds as stress free as it can be! The Airbnb available for rent at Murray Mansion is a perfect addition to what this venue has already has to offer.

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