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Hello and Welcome!

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            Why hello there, thanks for stopping by! I'm Connie Wunder, a wife of almost 15 years and a mother to the most handsome 10 year old boy ever! I'm a hopeless romantic, which means I pretty much live and breath the Hallmark channel. I'm super giggly and have a crazy mop of curly hair that matches my personality with it's quirkiness.  I'm the main photographer behind the lens, but my husband works as my right-hand man at every wedding I shoot. However, let the record show that his real job is fighting fires and saving lives (swoon worthy, I know!)  At weddings I'm in charge of all photography and he's great when it comes to handling the equipment and doing all the heavy lifting.  Honestly, our work relationship is a lot like our marriage, I plan all the fun stuff and he does all the stuff I don't like. Thanks babe!  In our free time we sail, paddle board and are always plotting our next family adventure. Simply put, we make a great team! We work hard and play hard too, it's a perfect balance. 
         After being in photography for almost 7 years I made the decision to shoot weddings exclusively, so I could devote myself to each couple and give them the time and attention they deserve.  My philosophy when it comes to documenting a couple's love story is that it's so much more than simply taking beautiful photographs. To me it means cultivating a relationship built on mutual trust and becoming fully invested in each couple's day.  It means taking the time to really get to know my couples so that at their wedding I feel more like a friend than just some stranger behind the camera. It means that I'm listening to what's important to the couple so that I can capture images that will make their heart happy for years to come. I want them to feel comfortable and cared for during the entire process and even afterwards! 
I take a limited amount of weddings each year, so it's important for it to be
the right fit for myself and the couple. So here's my idea of the "perfect fit". 

You may be the perfect Wunder Photography Bride if:

  • You are romantic, sweet and fun loving
  • If you and your fiancé are completely smitten with each other and are affectionate 
  • If you laugh at yourself often and value kindness above all other qualities
  • If you would choose a romantic comedy over a action flick any day of the week
  • and if smiling & laughing are your favorite things ever!
If this sounds like you, you may have just found your photographer soulmate and it's
imperative we meet asap! No really, if this is you, let's meet for coffee to discuss your big day
because you're exactly the kind of Bride I want to work with!
Excited at the prospect of being your photography soulmate,

Connie Wunder